Alterconf NYC

Talks and Events


  • Alterconf, How to deal with intellectual trolling. Slides here. Slides here. Microsoft NYC, December 2016
  • DeFragCon X, The Internet of Things and REST APIs, slides here. Colorado, December 2016
  • Organizer and Planner: BizDevCamp for SketchUp Resellers and Partners (150+ attendees) Sorrento Italy, October 2015
  • Organizer and Planner: Putting Grasslands to Work, Savory Institute Conference. (500+ attendees) London UK, September 2014

  • Manteruptions

    Webinars / Online events

  • Women's Society of Engineers Webinar, Combatting Online Abuse, May 2017
  • Worked with viral-video mastermind Rob Bliss and the Emmy award-winning production company Punched In The Head. The show is called Blissful Thinking and it's a socially-conscious social experiment series which aired on the Go90 platform in conjunction with Seriously.TV. Manteruptions. March 2017
  • #CMGR Hangout, Mapping Community Journeys, August 2016
  • Vanilla Forums Webinar, How to excel in community management, July 2016

  • DreamFactoryMeetup


  • Reusable APIs, APIStrat + APICraft Meetup, Boston, November 2016
  • DreamFactory and Clarifai API Meetup, NYC, July 2016
  • Codecademy Hour of Code, NYC, December 2015
  • SketchUp to CNC Meetup at TinkerMill, Boulder, August 2015
  • SketchUp's first ever Meetup, Boulder, May 2015

  • Ebook Image



  • Learn How to be a Rockstar Community Manager. Vanilla, April 2017
  • What Should A Community Manager Be Paid? CMX, December 2016
  • How to Use Gamification to Fuel Community Engagement. CMX, December 2016
  • Anti-Harassment., September 2016
  • 5 Lessons from Sarah Lang of TicketLeap. CMX, September 2016
  • Mapping Community Journeys. #CMGRHANGOUT, August 2016
  • 8 lessons from the Director of Community Laura Small. CMX, August 2016
  • How to become a great Online Community Manager. HubSpot, June 2016
  • Community Moderating Tips This Pro Wants You To Know. Vanilla, June 2016
  • What's special about Developer Communities. DevRel Club, June 2016
  • How to Excel in Community Management:Ebook. Vanilla, May 2016
  • Rethinking Unemployment. Thomas Reuters, May 2016
  • Click to view my freelance writing profile and articles. Inhabitat, 2012

  • Work


  • Nurse Call systems for Hospitals and Rest Homes. December 2016
  • Ice Report App: The power of Crowdsourcing. December 2016
  • APIStrat After Hours Boston Meetup with Friends. November 2016
  • Digital Transformation for MIKID, a non profit. November 2016
  • Webinar: Exploring the new IoT stack for DreamFactory. October 2016
  • LocalLawyer app built with Ionic and DreamFactory. October 2016
  • BuzyBeez app platform built with DreamFactory. October 2016
  • Verizon's Hackathon with DreamFactory and MapQuest. October 2016
  • Generating client SDKs based on Swagger API. August 2016
  • How to set up DreamFactory as a CRM platform. August 2016
  • Using to quickly build apps with DreamFactory. August 2016
  • Community Spotlight: Crystal Taggart pens new book Build My App! August 2016
  • Meet our 100,000th admin, Blaine from Vodori. July 2016
  • Supporting Open Source and making friends at OSCON. May 2016
  • Reducing complexity with serverless API architecture. May 2016
  • SketchUp

  • SketchUp Pro for visualization and logistics at sea ports. August 2015
  • ketchUp to craft stunning game environments. SketchUpdate Blog, June 2015
  • Celebrating Maker Faire Bay Area's 10th anniversary. May 2015
  • Tiny House, Big Movement. April 2015
  • SketchUp Skill Builder: How to Install an Extension. April 2015
  • 3D Warehouse Comments are back! March 2015
  • New 3D Warehouse User Profiles. March 2015